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Zak George is a renowned dog trainer based in the USA, with over eight years of experience in training a wide variety of dog breeds. A true lover of all things canine, Zak has dedicated his life to understanding and helping dogs and their owners live their best lives together.

Throughout his career, Zak has worked with countless dog owners and their furry companions, helping them to build strong, trusting relationships based on love, respect, and positive reinforcement training techniques. His approach emphasizes the importance of clear communication, patience, and empathy, and his methods have proven highly effective in helping even the most challenging dogs to overcome behavioral issues and develop into happy, healthy, well-adjusted pets.

In addition to his work as a trainer, Zak is also an avid advocate for dog rescue and adoption. Over the years, he has personally rescued and rehabilitated many puppies, providing them with the love and care they need to thrive. His deep understanding of dog behavior and his unwavering commitment to their welfare have earned him the respect and admiration of dog lovers worldwide.

Through his popular YouTube channel and his bestselling books, Zak has inspired and educated dog owners around the globe, sharing his passion and expertise with all who seek to build better lives with their furry companions. We’re always looking for new ideas! Share yours with us at

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